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These are the annual reports sent to ANR. All documents are in French, except for the mid-term evaluation report. The internal reports contain additional information not asked for by ANR, such as the detailed lists of publications, PhD theses and interns.


September 2017 - end of phase 1 report

April-November 2017 - mid-term evaluation

International Jury:

 * Farid Meziane (President) - University of Salford (UK)
 * Maribel Fernandez - King’s College London (UK)
 * Anders Heyden - Lund University (Sweden)
 * Christian Jacquenet - Orange (France)
 * Bastian Koller - University of Stuttgart (Germany)

March 2017

Note: the full scientific report was produced as part of the mid-term evaluation (see above)

March 2016

March 2015

April 2014

April 2013

March 2012

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