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This page contains various interesting resources about hardware related to Digiscope, gathered by the Technical Committee members or project partners.
Some of these entries can link to documents, web sites and to associated Software resources or Suppliers information.





See the Monitors page.


See the Projectors page.

Multitouch Technologies


Tracking Systems

See the Tracking Systems page.

Audio Output

See the Hardware for Audio Ouput page.

Audio Input

For applications where audio input is included, such as voice recognition or realistic acoustical simulations of virtual spaces, some form of audio input is necessary. Two basic options are available, user-worn microphones (HF), or installed directional microphones. Depending on the needs of the application, and the amount of equipment the user is expected to wear, the choice is different.

DIGISCOPE Equipment:

  • EVE system: Focussing on the primary use (one or two active users) HF microphones have been prefered. Despite this, evaluations will be undertaken in 2012 on the use of several highly directional cannon microphones in an attempt to reduce the amount of equipemnt worn and hence increase the transparency of the technical system.

Misc. Input Devices





See the Streaming Tests page. ...


The TelepresenceRobots page.

The TelepresenceHardware page.

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