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Other Platforms

We track here the most advanced configurations in the world.

Ultra-High Resolution Walls

  • HIPerSpace at Cal Tech: 70 tiles (30" monitors in a matrix of 5x14), 35,840 x 8,000 pixels, 286,720,000 pixels total, served by 18 machines

Immersive Virtual Reality Rooms

Control Rooms

  • AT&T Control Room very large but not interactive. According to MBL's estimation: 180 displays overall, including two walls of 39 and 141 displays. Large wall = 3x47 projectors, each projecting an image 64"x48" (80" diagonal) for a total size of 12ft x 250ft. If each projector is HD, i.e. 1920x1080 (which I doubt), that's 28dpi and a total resolution of 5760x50760 = 292Mpixels
  • Saudi Aramco Command Center probably similar to AT&T's rooom, see Ben Fry's report on it.
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