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WILD (Wall-sized Interaction with Large Datasets) is a high-resolution interactive visualization platform at Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique (building 650-PCRI, campus d’Orsay). WILD is made of an interactive wall-sized display with 32 32 inches 8K LCD displays: the wall is 5m50 x 1m80 wide, displaying 61 440 x 17 280 = 1 061 683 200 pixels, driven by a rendering cluster of 16 computers and 2 masters. A multitouch overlay and a camera-based motion capture system enable direct interaction with data displayed on the wall as well as in the whole room. One or several interactive surfaces and devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) can also be used to interact with the platform as a way to facilitate collaborative work in a complete interactive visualization environment. WILD also comes with a 6.1 audio system.

Applications of WILD are first research in Human-Computer Interaction and Information Visualization of large datasets, but also to allow researchers from other fields than Computer Science (e.g., astrophysics, biology, simulation) to visualize, explore and analyse complex data.

Characteristics for telepresence:

  • Large size collaborative platform, that can host up to 8 users who can interact with various devices simultaneously (interactive tables, smartphones, tablets, etc.).
  • Existing system for tracking users' motions and gestures (marker-based infrared tracking).
  • The large width (5m) and the possibility to have multiple users at several locations in the platform (width and depth) will impact on video capture of users.
  • An audio system (6 channels) enable localized rendering of audio sources in the interaction space.

Detailed characteristics:

  • 32 Dell UltraSharp 32 8K Monitors: UP3218K 7680x4320px@60Hz
  • 16 Dell Precision 7920:
    • Intel Xeon Silver 5122 (4 Cores, 3.6­3.7GHz Turbo, 16.5Mo cache)
    • 64GB 2666 MHz DDR4 RAM
    • 512GB SSD
    • 4TB HD
    • 2x Nvidia Quadro P5000 (16GB memory)
    • Ubuntu 20.04LTS


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